What’s my beat?

Hello, reader(s)!

I see you’ve stumbled upon my beat – and so of course, you ask: what is Lena’s Beat? Does it refer to a heartbeat, dancing to the beat of one’s own drum, or a reporter’s beat? I would say all of the above! I’m starting this blog because I have a lot to say, and damn it I don’t want to be confined to a tweet or simply a status!

A little about me…I’m a senior in college, beginning my last semester as a psychology undergrad. I’m a self-professed TV character junkie – I adore them (USA, are you reading this??), and I’ll probably be buzzing your ear off about the latest and greatest in the lives of Jack Bauer, Dexter, Dr. House, Dwight K. Shrute, Lily and Marshall, and Nora Walker, among others. You might as well know now that we can’t be friends unless you acknowledge the wonderfulness that is Jennifer Garner. I love to cook – my kitchen’s just a shade bigger than an average closet, but I try to make it work. Photography’s another hobby…I got a fancy shmancy D-SLR *knock on wood* which my brother helped me dub Cameron (get it? Camera + Canon? Yes, lame) last month, and I’ve probably shot over 2,000 photos with him/her since . Cameron has a bit of a gender identity issue at the moment, but no worries.

As much as I love my TV characters, I love the real characters in my life that much more! My family’s my center, and as much as they drive me to the brink of sanity, they’re also my constants. I’m so incredibly lucky to be celebrating 4 1/2 years with my boyfriend Dave at the end of this month! We’re partners in anything and everything, and hey, he watches romantic comedies and Gilmore Girls with me, so I’ve got it good 😉 – once again *knock on wood* (you’ll learn of my selective superstitions soon if you visit again).

What else, what else…well, stay tuned for loads about celebrity gossip, photos I’ve taken, food I’ve concocted, political stories that move me, and other assorted candies.

Thanks for reading! Write soon,

One response to “What’s my beat?

  1. I'm so excited to read this everyday 😀

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