The Cherry on the Top of my Day

If I were to go so far as to say that my day was a sundae (I’m taking the glass-half-full perspective for a moment), then I must say that the cherry on the top of my sundae has to be Mr. Craig Ferguson, late-night comedian extraordinaire. Even as I type this now, I am excited for the clock to strike 12:15am and for the joys and stresses of my day to melt away and for a sexy Scottish accent to greet me with snake-cup, emails, and cue-card confetti in tow.

Craig makes me happy. He’s funny, he’s self-deprecating, but most of all, he’s real.

I think NBC needs to catch up and get him on their lineup! Enough with the CoCo and Leno debacle! Let’s see a fresh face! Although, I wouldn’t want the NBC honchos to screw Craig over as they did Conan, so perhaps he should remain on CBS…

2 responses to “The Cherry on the Top of my Day

  1. i'm stuck on the vanilla sundae. does it have sauce? vanilla sauce? that doesn't sound so good. maybe you need a hot fudge life. or butterscotch. anyway, craig ferguson deserves better than the vanilla sundae.

  2. You're right, vanilla sundae sounds too…vanilla! Maybe a cookie dough sundae with Nutella flavored syrup?

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