Commitment-Phobe Blogger

My name is Yelena, and I’m a commitment-phobe blogger. Over the years, I’ve probably started about eight blogs spanning the cyber universe. I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t commit. I blame time and lack of motivation due to the busywork I’m stuck with at school. Sometimes I discover new blog sites with fancier features and I stray. It’s a problem, it is. I don’t want to be this way…right now I’m in a poly-amorous relationship with WordPress and Blogger. I also spent some time with a blog site that my friend introduced to me – SnapPages, but it’s a tease. It gives me some glimpses of awesome, but it won’t put out until I give it money. Typical. So, I imported the few posts I’ve made on Blogger, and I’m going to see if  I have chemistry with WordPress. I like what I see so far – fairly flexible, intelligently streamlined, and something I could bring home to mom. Here’s hoping!

Write Soon,


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