My Bloggervalve!

There’s nothing quite like the rush of papers, discussion board posts, and quizzes to completely shutdown my flow of blogging. There’s been so much I wanted to write, but so little by way of motivation or craft. I wanted to rant a bit about Ugly Betty. Oh, Betty. You’re so much better than the scripts that they’re confining you in. So much more original than the archetypal boy-loves-girl and girl-wants-pretty-teeth stories they’re contriving. I think there’s an episode or two left, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt to tie up loose ends and give her an original exit, but I’m not getting my hopes up. The show has worked pop culture magic in previous years, and even as recently as last episode, when Justin brought his boyfriend to his mom’s wedding. But I’m still waiting on the proper goodbye for Betty, and it’s not an ending with her and Daniel getting married and having Meade babies. What do you think?

Right now, I feel like someone’s finally loosened my bloggervalve, and I feel hyper! I ate an amazing bun-less veggie burger with mushrooms at the school cafe today (where good food is a rarity, you should know), there’s wheat pasta cooking on the stove, and we had a fantastically animated guest speaker in my Psych & Law class tonight! He’s about to graduate law school, and he gave us what turned out to be quite an informal talk about jury selection and reform. Basically, how to connect with jury members and get them on your side. Not only was he smart, but also pop-culture savvy, and he used it. I mean, he showed us his blog, c’mon! Every time we have a guest speaker – prosecutor, defense attorney, or law student, my heart’s aflutter, and all I think of for days is how awesome it would be to argue for a living. Maybe one day!

And of course, let’s not forget about the second bullshit silent clock on 24 last night. If you haven’t read, you know the drill. Here’s where you should go down to my other blog posts, or back to Facebook. There are three main nuances to this episode; some were bitchin’, and others not so much. First, can I get a grrrl power, anyone? We’ve got U.S. President Allison Taylor, Dalia Hassan stepping up as president of Kamistan to fulfill the peace treaty, Chloe’s ascension to the head of CTU! Seriously! What an awesome triumvirate!

Second, we’ve got the first-ever real-time sexcapade of Jack Bauer with Renee – pretty hot and heavy. I’m stunned at their libido — getting it on after 18 hours of brutal asskicking! Well, and the third bullet point of this episode (no pun intended) would be the finale — Renee getting shot by a Russian sniper who was worried that she recognized him from the crime scene, and as a supreme douche, wanted to cover his ass. She gets shot right after her tryst with Jack, in his apartment! He lovingly carries her bloodstained body into a taxi (damn you, New York!) and onto the nearest public hospital. A swarm of doctors and nurses take her into surgery, and minutes later, she’s dead. Mass bleeding. The look on Jack’s face: visceral. Despair, shock, and rage. ANOTHER silent clock! Good god, writers, stop toying with me so!

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