A couple weekends ago, my boyfriend went up north to the Prescott area to visit his mom and step-dad. I was intending to go, but at the end was scheduled to work the entire weekend. While he was up there, he kept hinting at something that they were cooking up for me as a graduation present…now, I must tell you: I’m notoriously good at guessing gifts. I don’t mean to be, and in fact I consider it to be somewhat of a curse because I love to be surprised (with gifts, anyway)! But I could never have guessed this one!

Well, so while at work on Sunday, I kept wondering what they were going to give me. All my hints were that a) I’d love it. b) I’d absolutely it. and c) Dave’s mom did some sort of intricate packing job. As we both came home (he from his trip and I from work), I was giddy to open the present! He immediately went for my camera – they told him to take pictures as opened…and I soon realized why! It had to have been one of the most difficult gifts to open, ever. But SO well worth it!!!

Among about 15 of these adorable little graduation ducks, there lay an incredible gift. An historic piece of machinery that I had marveled over more than once at their home…in this sea of cute ducks, there was the OM-1. The OM-1 is a photographer’s holy grail, and as an aspiring hobbyist photographer, it’s certainly an incredible camera to own! It was released in the early 70s, and is considered one of the best SLRs in history. Aaaaand, might I add, the one I got is pretty much in mint condition! They gave me a huge lens to go with it, as well as a flash & other neato accessories! I cannot wait to use it!! Once again, thank you both SO much for the gift! I will cherish it!

(Disclaimer: I’ve once again received an immunity deal from the Evil Eye on any excitement on the received gift mentioned herein).

2 responses to “OMG, OM-1

  1. SO COOL!! You’re on the track to collect the most amazing camera collection. Better get started on a portfolio!

    p.s can you bring them over when we have dinner to take pictures of food?

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