Iron Man 2 Review

The almighty Iron Man! Kinda reminds me of a Power Ranger, no?

Spoiler alert! Go watch the movie and then we’ll compare notes 🙂

I think Sunday nights are now officially my favorite nights to go to the movies. Last night, we went to see Iron Man 2 and there were about 10 other people in the ginormous theater!

But alas, back to the movie. My general impressions are probably much like yours: major fappage. But it was badass fappage! Lots of things went boom, holographic technology was awesome, some neato choreographed fights (albeit weak, as some may say), and lots of gorgeous Robert Downey Jr. ScarJo looked pretty good too, and she blended into her role well for once – maybe because it was the strict, emotionless Black Widow.

My boyfriend and I spent some time on the way home discussing Pepper Potts’ relationship with Tony, and he made an interesting connection: Pepper is to Tony Stark as Cuddy is to Greg House. Only these females can fully understand these complicated, brillliant, and sardonic men (on a side note, both actors deliver phenomenal performances of their respective Holmesian characters). These women are the only ones who can clean up the messes that their counterparts make, yes. But unlike House and Cuddy, the relationship in Iron Man lacks any semblance of chemistry. It’s nowhere to be found! I think the problem lies in the fact that Gweneth Paltrow is completely wrong for the role…but that’s just me.

Speaking of wrong for the role, can we get a hallelujah that Terrance Howard was swiftly replaced with Don Cheadle? Such a good decision, albeit a little rude for Mr. Howard (aka Baby Wipe).

And can I just mention how much I absolutely deplored Justin Hanmer? He represents everything about corporate douchebaggery that I despise, and I think my biggest anticipation was of his impending major FAIL.

Now, onto my biggest pet peeve with this movie…well, all movies and shows that try to intersperse a ‘foreign’ element with flashy language and subtitles. And that peeve is awful awful dialect. Christ, people – there are native Russian people in the film!!! Mickey Rourke’s Whiplash interacts with native Russians in the movie, and he still can’t get his Russian lines to sound coherent? Even on IMDb’s trivia for the movie, he says he went to Moscow in order to try to “incorporate the whole Russian philosophy.” He also wanted to make sure that Whiplash had a Slav accent – but what about the fact that the words sounded disjointed and horrendous? Oy, it’s such an incredible peeve, I tell you. It’s especially a peeve because most non-Russian speaking folks don’t even have a clue! They just think “whoa, it’s another language,” but I think if they’re spending the time to incorporate Russian, they should really work with these guys and make sure they SOUND Russian.

Ah, but I digress. Generally, it was a good follow up movie, and a good scene-setter for the Avengers movies, which I’m actually excited for! Also, I’m pretty excited about some of the previews that I watched, namely Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Inception.

What did YOU think of Iron Man 2?

2 responses to “Iron Man 2 Review

  1. I enjoyed Iron Man 2 also, and thought it was probably as good as the first one. Don Cheadle was perfect as Rhodey. I really like your comparison between Pepper and Cuddy, and you’re totally right–Paltrow and Downey Jr don’t have any chemistry together, she just isn’t right for the role. At least she was less annoying in this one than the first. Actually, I was surprised that they kissed at the end…in the comics Pepper marries Happy the chauffeur, and I expected it to go that route.

    I’m excited for Avengers too but we’ll have to see how Chris Evans shapes up as Cap first, since he’ll be the leader. By the way, did you stay after the credits and see the ending scene? Awesomeness. 😀

    • I didn’t think they’d kiss either! In fact, I felt it was really forced – he just finished this presumably epic battle, landed on the roof, and almost had no choice but to kiss her…I think they could’ve transitioned into that better.

      We DID stay – it was forevvvverrr…I can’t believe how many people were involved in the production of the movie, lol. But yes, I’m excited for Thor and Capt America 🙂

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