Glee Glitters with Stars

So I’ve been reading up on the Glee gossip, and it seems the show is really hoping to pack a punch with a slew of celebrity guest stars throughout season two. I’m on the fence about this – part of me thinks it’ll be too much of a good thing and they’ll overdo it, and part of me knows they’ll blend into the show quite nicely. I mean, Josh Groban, Kristen Chenoweth, Olivia Newton-John, Neil Patrick Harris, and Idina Menzel were all solid. So the tally so far for guest stars on season 2 is at around seven, and by the looks of it – that number’s bound to rise.

First, John Stamos is confirmed to join the cast as Emma’s new love interest. (But what about Mr. Shu??) Actress Jemma Mays said, “ I was so excited when I found out (about John being on the show). I feel like I’m actually the last person to know these things…I found out via a text. Someone was like, ‘Uncle Jesse?’” says the actress whose character was smitten with Matthew Morrison’s glee coach, “I was kissing Doogie Howser one minute (the two are on the Smurfs reboot together), and then I found out that I’m going to kiss Uncle Jesse the next. I just need Punky Brewster to be my best friend now, and my childhood fantasy will be complete.” Apparently Stamos will be playing a dentist, so Mays is hoping her character will “need braces, or she’s got lots of cavities. I feel like they need to prolong this idea for a while.” I’m very excited about this particular addition, and I know John Stamos will be excellent!

Next, we’ve got a guest appearance by Javier Bardem, who will ‘rock out’ to some sort of Spanish heavy metal with Artie. A little peculiar, but it has some potential.

Katie Holmes is also ‘finalizing’ a stint on the show – apparently she’s good friends with the actress who plays Quinn. I loved Holmes as Joey Potter on Dawson’s Creek, but I’m weary of this addition to the cast…Mrs. Cruise seems to be all talk and no action in the acting department these days .

I heard a muted rumor that the producers of the show are trying to get Justin Timberlake on the show as Mr. Shu’s younger brother. This I could get on board with…all I kept thinking throughout the first season (which I inhaled in an entire weekend) was how much Matthew Morrison reminded me of JT, and I’m glad I’m not alone.

I’ve also heard that Katy Perry is all but completely desperate to guest-star, and wants a Betty White/SNL-esque movement to happen on Facebook. I can’t put my finger on it, but that sort of self-promoted desperation completely turns me off to the idea of her on Glee. But that’s just me!

Lastly on the actor front, I’ve read that Danielle Radcliffe would actually really enjoy a guest starring role! Harry Potter belting it out with the gang? That would be awesome!

Then we’ve got a slew of musical guests, including Susan Boyle and Leona Lewis. Also, an “international” pop star named Charice (who I personally haven’t heard of before) is slated to join the cast as some new competition for Rachel. Should be interesting!

Despite these rumors and new additions, I hope the show sticks true to its roots during its sophomore year, and the teens of New Directions are at the forefront. I’m looking forward to some Rachel/Finn action, some more hair gel insults from Sue, a romance involving Kurt, and some outstanding musical performances and thematic episodes!

7 responses to “Glee Glitters with Stars

  1. I read a funny article in New York Magazine about how the creator of the show (who also created Nip/Tuck) seems to fall into a sort of second-third season slump, where he feels he needs to tack on all kinds of ridiculousness to get viewers. I LOVED the first 2 seasons of Nip/Tuck, but it went downhill. I’m hoping Glee stays fresh and funny. It doesn’t need so many guest stars to keep viewers!! Despite that, I would die for JT to be on the show as Mr. Schu’s long-lost HOT brother…

    Btw, I just realized that you changed your header at the top! Very, very cool 🙂

    • Thanks lady! 🙂

      And thanks for the trivia on the creator of the show. He seems to fall right in line with JJ Abrams, who started Alias and then had no idea what to do with it after season 2. Nip/tuck is another show I’ve never watched before – I’ll have to put it on my list!

  2. Yes to John Stamos (way to go Emma! hehe), Justin Timberlake (amazing as Shu’s brother!) and maybe Daniel Radcliffe (can he sing?)…and no to everyone else 😛 I agree, Katy Perry’s desperation is really annoying. Glee doesn’t need guest stars to be great, and I would hate for the quality of the show to lessen because of them.

    How did you feel about the artist-themed episodes? Personally I thought Madonna was good, but I hope they don’t do anymore (though Britney Spears wants one, yecch)

    And I second Erinn, the new header is amazing!!

    • I really liked the Madonna one (especially Sue!) and the Gaga one was alright – I think it’d be cool if they did an ‘N Sync theme, teehee. There were some episodes that I personally think fell a little flat – like the Funk one, but all in all I think there’s a lot of creativity in the writing, and I hope it continues!

    • Oh and thank you about the header ^-^

  3. Well you know I would looove to see Justin on the show! Like… he should be a regular! 😀 I’m interested to see how Katie Holmes does, just because I’m also a DC fan and I haven’t seen her do much lately! Maybe she’ll rock it!

    I’ve also heard that J-Lo is trying to get a spot on the show.

    And yes you should totally watch Nip/Tuck. I’m hoping they’ll put it on instant watch so I can see what I’ve missed! 🙂

  4. GLEE is the best musical TV show on earth ..

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