Multifaceted Lance

2 responses to “Multifaceted Lance

  1. Lance has definitely come a long way since ‘N Sync. I really liked him on Dancing with the Stars. I am curious to know how the other members of the band have grown since their boy band days? Of all the pictures posted, I like the wet look with the man-liner the best.

    • I loved him on DWTS! I think he and Lacey were the freshest act in a long, long time – but then again I’m biased 😛

      From what I know, Chris is in a new three-man group, Joey’s starring in a new Broadway play, and JC is judging that dance crew show (I think it’s on VH1?). And we all know JT hit it big. I met Lance two years ago at his Hairspray performance! It was magical O:-)

      I’m not a big fan of the emo/goth look in general, but I think Lance rocks virtually any look he tries out! And you could totally tell he’s a goofball underneath it all and doesn’t take any of it too seriously.

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