Lena’s Top 10 Hollywood Women


This post is by virtue the same one as my Top 10 Hollywood Men post, except this one’s my female Freebies List! Feel free to comment with your own top 3, 5, or 10 list 🙂


5jennifer 1. Jennifer Garner – The quintessential full package – she’s got the looks, the charm, intelligence, dimples, kick-ass acting versatility, ability to juggle multiple roles in real life, and generally pure awesomeness. I loved her as Sydney on Alias, giggled with her in 13 Going on 30, and swooned in Valentine’s Day. I’ve also met her at a Broadway performance of Cyrano De Bergerac, and she was fantastic as Roxanne! I’ve been in love with her for about 7 years now, and the ‘womance’ will likely endure for a lot longer! She’s definitely #1 in my book.


0_61_070208_shannen 2. Shannen Doherty – She plays my absolute favorite character on the original 90210. I love her looks and her fiery attitude. Despite playing the ‘bitchy’ character on the show, I always loved her strength and thought she was a lot more vulnerable than she let on. I also loved her on Dancing with the Stars, and it sucks she was voted off first! But alas, still love her, and looking forward to her next endeavor.

jennifer-beals3. Jennifer Beals – this magnetic, gorgeous, woman was one of my main reasons for watching The L Word. She’s so radiant and elegant, she steals virtually every scene that she’s in!

kate-winslet 4. Kate Winslet – From Titanic to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Finding Neverland, and Revolutionary Road, she’s my favorite Oscar-winning actress. And an incredibly, powerfully, talented one at that. She could pull off anything, and she’s a powerhouse name on any list of castmates. And of course, she’s gorgeous and has a delightful Bri’ish accent.

LadyGaGaGaga 5. Lady Gaga – She’s not just an awesome singer and performer, she’s a phenomenon! The sound of her voice, or the mention of her name entices everyone, and we all wait to see what crazy outfit she’s wearing or statement she’s making. I love her for her lyrics, and more importantly for her views on gay rights and tolerance. I’m proud to say I’m one of her little monsters, and I belt it out with her to her many sexy tracks!  


6. Emmanuelle Chriquí – I found her irresistibly cute as the object of Lance’s affection in On the Line, and for the longest time I thought they were secretly dating.  Although that didn’t end up happening (for obvious reasons), she’s one of his good friends and for that I have to love her. I also thought she was sexy in You Don’t Mess with the Zohan, and I’ll probably have to get in to Entourage for her. In any case, this beautiful Moroccan Jewish woman is included in my ‘top’ list!


7. Sally Field – This cougar is nothing short of sensational in Brothers and Sisters. She’s beautiful, witty, loving, and neurotic in her own right! This actress has incredible longevity in Hollywood, and she’s aged extremely gracefully.


8. Nia Vardalos – this Greek goddess wrote and starred in my favorite comedy – My Big Fat Greek Wedding. As the starring lead, she is someone I completely relate to, and her decisions in life mirror my own. I love her, I think she’s gorgeous, and will watch virtually any she does!



9.  Ellen Degeneres – No such list would be complete without the most talented female of our time. No, not Oprah, although she’s fabulous in her own way. I’m talkin’ bout the one and only Ellen! She’s a phenomenon as much as Gaga is, and she’s proven to last. I was just watching one of her old standup sets on Comedy Central a couple days ago, and it reminded me how much I love this woman! Not only is she luminous in appearance, but she’s got a beautiful soul and an iridescent personality. I also really love that she’s proud of who she is and garners respect from anyone and everyone she encounters! Oh, and she did pretty well with her wife, Ms. Portia De Rossi =)

america-ferrera 10. America Ferrera – Despite the title of her show, America has never been an ugly duckling. She’s a beautiful Latina woman, and I admire her presence in the Hollywood community! One of my favorite movies that she’s been in is Real Women Have Curves. I like how she sets out to make a positive impact on the lives of young women, and doesn’t fall prey to the negative criticisms of body image in her industry. It’s sad that Ugly Betty was cancelled in its prime, but I think Betty Suarez will live on in our hearts, and I can’t wait to see what else America Ferrera pursues!

Well, there you have it – my top 10 women in Hollywood list! These kinds of lists are purely manifestations of my boredom, but in the end it’s quite nice to look at and admire these wonderful women =) It’s also quite difficult to choose who will make the cut, and there were those who ended up sitting out, but I’m confident in my list, and I hope to one day meet these women and have a memorable conversation with them!

3 responses to “Lena’s Top 10 Hollywood Women

  1. I love Shannen Doherty, Kate Winslet, and America Ferrera but I would also have Blake Lively, Alyssa Milano, and Sandra Bullock on my list. Thanks for the fun post, and drop by my blog if you are interested in entering a giveaway!

    • Those are great choices! What did you like Alyssa Milano in? I’ve never seen Charmed (despite the fact that I love Shannen Doherty) but I did love her in Who’s The Boss and she’s a really good twitter-er! And you’re right, Sandra Bullock is fantastic! Gorgeous, smart, elegant, talented, the whole shabang.

  2. I liked Alyssa Milano in Poison Ivy 2 (1996), Fear (1996), Charmed, and I LOVED her in Pathology (2008). I just saw a movie on LMN called “View of Terror” featuring Shannen Doherty. I think you might like that.

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