It’s all a blur

The last four weeks have been a blur. A real, true to form blur. My first two classes, Ethics and MFT Theories, have been very challenging, demanding, and interesting so far! I took my Ethics midterm on Tuesday and feel as though I did well (fingers crossed). Tomorrow is the MFT exam – which will likely be ten times harder because all the theories seem to overlap and blend, and terms like fusion, emotional cut-off, and differentiation have a hard time staying in their respective theory groups for me. But on the other hand, topics like family boundaries, hierarchical structures, and enmeshment are doing alright. (Yep, this is me name-dropping, haha. I feel as though I’ve deserved it for making study guide, charts, and more study guides, followed by flash cards and compulsive color coding via highlighting.)

One thing I’m pleased with is my somewhat pseudo-routined endeavor to take an LA Fitness class called Body Works & Abs on Monday and Friday mornings, which is an intensive cardio and strength training torturous experience that alternates between invigorating me and making me feel like death warmed-over. I follow that up with coffee and studying pretty much all day. Tuesdays and Thursdays I wake up at 6 (good grief, still can’t get used to that) and am on the shuttle to Main campus at 7am. Classes go from 9 to 4, with a substantial break for lunch between. Wednesdays are my work days, followed by studying-for-Thursday-days, Saturdays are also full of work, and Sundays are my sleep/veg/study/clean days. Ask me how I fit in a social life and quality time with my loved ones, and I honestly don’t have a clue. But I’m enjoying the challenge, I feel I’ve risen to it (most days), and I look forward to a year from now when it’s all coming to a swift end.

One thing that’s sort of made me hesitant to post is the concept of self-disclosure that I’ve learned in my Ethics class. Surprisingly (or not), my future therapy clients may or may not be very curious about who I am. I don’t blame them, they’re opening up to me and I’m staying fairly quiet about myself, but the very fact that they might find this blog and read stuff that I wouldn’t necessarily share with them is disconcerting. This worry is similar in regards to Facebook, although I have uber-protective settings on that. I’m contemplating exporting this blog and revamping it on a new site with a pen-name and minimal self-disclosure, just focusing explicitely on stories of movies, TV, politics, food, and stuff like that. It’s a shame, too, because I love Lena’s Beat, but I am finding it to be too worrysome in terms of ‘exposure’ lately, and I’m heading more and more towards a more discreet outlet.

Anywho, I’m off to bed. I’m feeling rather accomplished, I’ve completed three pretty hefty tasks related to school today, and I’ve still had some time to share on here! Hope you’re doing well, too!

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