Photo Scavenger Hunt #1!

A friend of mine has embarked on a photography project to take one photo a day – regardless of quality or content. I think that’s a fantastic idea to keep practicing and to improve, but as you can see with this blog – I’m not the most diligent. So, I’m going to try a similar challenge – a weekly photo scavenger hunt, courtesy of Ashley Sisk! Essentially, she posts a blog with five words as prompts at the beginning of the week, and you have that whole week to interpret each word in a photograph. Below are mine for this week! I hope this gets the ball rolling for me to update this site more often – stay tuned!

1. Family

My family and I toasting to a new year!

2.  Motion Blur


My boyfriend's mom's dog, Buddy, relaxing on Christmas.

3. Pretty Package

I love surprising my family with goodies in these personalized stockings 🙂

4. Glow



Love the orange glow of the moon rising! If only I had my tripod, and a closer zoom!

5. Sparkly

Sparkly holiday lights behind inviting, warm candlelight

4 responses to “Photo Scavenger Hunt #1!

  1. These are really great – I especially like your sparkle picture. I hope you’ll join us again for Scavenger Hunt Sunday. I’ll be posting the prompt list later today.

    i stole your last picture lol

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