The Magical Dr. Oz

If you Google the term Oz, you’ll soon find all sorts of references to The Land of Oz. The term is so entrenched in popular film culture that you’ll immediately think of the rolling hills and the yellow brick road. In a sense, Oz is a magical, otherworldy place. I think the same can be said of Dr. Oz – his image and his real-world, common sense approach to health is otherworldy!

Dr. Oz – an Intro

  • Mehmet Oz was born in the US to Turkish immigrants
  • He and his wife have been married for 25 years, have four children, and live in NJ
  • He went to Harvard, got his MD and an MBA; now he serves as Vice-Chair and Professor of Surgery at Columbia and is the director of the Cardiovascular Institute at New York Presbyterian Hospital. Not to sound like an elitist – but he’s got some street cred, that’s for sure.
  • He started out as an expert on The Oprah Winfrey Show, and has since gained national fame and has a very successful daytime show of his own

The Dr. Oz Show

  • My mom and I recently got into this show, and I’ve been watching more and more from her DVR.
  • Many of his themes revolve around medical issues (heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc) and what sorts of common-sense dietary and lifestyle changes can lower risk and improve overall health
  • One that I particularly enjoyed was his discussion of food addiction
  • I really love his charisma! He’s so well-spoken and knowledgeable, but he doesn’t present that information in a dry, boring way – not at all! He’s boisterous, funny, and very hands-on. He implements very creative displays and diagrams to explain everything from clogged arteries to obstructed bowels. Neato!
  • All of his tips use memory tricks and psychology effectively – he’s got “5 ways to do this” and “4 reasons why that” and “11 weeks to a better you” – who wouldn’t want to hear all five, and who wouldn’t think they were easier to retain?
  • Check out his site, and find tons of healthy ideas and articles! For instance, here’s an article about a technique he recommends for tracking food intake; here’s one on how cutting 100 calories a day can help you lose a pound a month without yo-yo dieting. And here’s one on 5 Foods for Better Health. He’s truly a wealth of good ideas and practical approaches to health, and I for one am bookmarking him on my computer and my mom’s DVR!

Feel free to share any articles and TV segments of his that you found interesting! And I’d love recommendations on other shows that inspire you!

One response to “The Magical Dr. Oz

  1. dr. oz is quite knowlegeable

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