“Shielding” young children from…a happy family?

I saw this on Perez this morning, and I still haven’t been able to get it out of my mind! It was like a loud, blaring car horn early in the morning that startles you awake. Homophobia is alive and well, and it seems it’s getting more ridiculous every second!

Apparently, a grocery store chain in Arkansas saw it fit to unnecessarily censor the cover of this week’s Us Weekly, which features a rather loving snapshot of Sir Elton John, his partner of more than 15 years, and their newborn baby, Zachary. What a terrible, sick and horrifying thing to do to a loving family! And how truly absurd to use a “family shield” to cover up a FAMILY that is celebrating a newborn’s birth!

It leads me to wonder if the same store has “shielded” younger shoppers from other related Us Weekly covers…


Did they censor this one? It would seem more deserving of the act, considering McSteamy has a weird, erotic pose whilst holding his newborn...

Or this one, which uses the opportunity to sync SEX appeal with fatherhood?

Somehow I don’t think either of those were shielded – because heterosexual sex is money, and money is good; regardless of “young shoppers.”

So, heterosexual eroticism = perfectly commonplace, no cause for concern; innocent family portrait of gay parents with their newborn = offensive

I just read on ABCNews that the outrage was widespread, and that the CEO of the chain released an apology for this action. Still, she says that the “family shield” was placed over the magazine because of “complaints” from shoppers. What kind of pathetic individuals would complain about that? And what kind of people would oblige? I really don’t know. I hope everyone involved is ashamed of themselves!


3 responses to ““Shielding” young children from…a happy family?

  1. Having lived for a couple years near Mtn Home AR I was less than suprised to learn of customer complaints. It’s the kind of town where they play Gospel in the McDonalds. Needless to say openmindedness isn’t a strong suit.

    I think you make a great point that not only is it wrong to cover up a ‘gay’ family, but it’s almost more wrong to exploit heterosexual families with the intent that ‘it sells!’

    • Thanks, Phill! I’m glad we have a forum to protest this behavior, and I look forward to a day when gay rights are as common sense as civil rights.

  2. I remember seeing this and being so angry. If anybody can make a good parent and provide for a child, it’s Elton freaking John! These people who were complaining need to get a life.

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