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Is it just me or is the shock and exhilaration of Bin Laden’s demise starting to wear off? We’ve waited so long for justice, and when it happened, we rightfully celebrated. But then I’ve kept going back to that image of people dancing after 9/11 and burning the U.S. flag (although I just found according to, it was false footaging), and comparing that to last night’s jubilant crowds outside of the White House and at Ground Zero.

Source: AP Photo / Charles Dharapak

Imagine it from their point of view — not that I’d ever, ever stand up for terrorists — Bin Laden was a mastermind, evil, horrific man who caused so much despicable cruelty; but, those across the world may look at our celebration of Bin Laden’s death with similar horror and disgust. Imagine an innocent young child, growing up in the Middle East with only these images to represent the entire American nation.  My brother was only five when 9/11 happened, and at the time we lived 25 miles away from Ground Zero – we watched the chaos from our living rooms – on TV and through our windows. It would have been quite easy to translate those images into a dominant story — all Muslims are this way; they are all out to get us. We didn’t let that happen, of course, but imagine how it could.

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Snapshot of History in the Making: Bin Laden Captured & Killed

Tonight is going to be one of those “I remember exactly where I was” types of nights. My boyfriend and I went out for Mexican food after a long day of homeworking; we were eating some yummy burritos  when I got a voicemail from my dad. As soon as I called back, he asked if I was watching TV, that Bin Laden was captured! And killed! And in US’s custody! Needless to say, we rushed home and turned on the tube to share in the historical unfolding.

Remember cutting out the front page of newspapers when something big was going on? Well, in that spirit, I “cut” snippets of a whole host of websites’ front pages – check out the national shock & celebration of a long awaited justice.

(c) Huffington Post

(c) CNN

(c) The Washington Post

(c) The New York Times

(c) Fox News


I’ve watched President Obama’s statement twice now, and I’m glued to the screen watching celebrations outside of The White House and at Ground Zero. The feeling certainly harkens back to those months and months we spent watching news channels covering 9/11. It’s a closure, in a way, of a wound we’ve felt as a nation for almost a decade. The pain will always be there, and the scar burns as we remember the deaths of our people. But tonight, we celebrate their lives and that just has prevailed.

I’d like to extend my pride and sincere gratitude to our troops and special forces for bringing this to fruition, and to our President Obama for making Bin Laden’s capture one of his top priorities, and for delivering on that promise.

Where were you when you found out that justice had been served?

P.S. I made these screen grabs way before The Huffington Post – thieves! 😛

Advocating on/for Social Media

(c) Matt Hamm

There are days when I feel like I over-post – that my online identity is TMI — too much information, be it Facebook or here on Lena’s Beat. I think, “why would anyone want to read what I have to say, or watch videos that I enjoy?” I think perhaps some will judge me as being part of the “liberal media machine” and others will say I have no life. And I’m not too proud to admit that I do care what others think — but as I sit here and contemplate it,  I really want people to care about what I’m saying, too. Social networking is such an incredible way to make a statement, in a world that is ever-refreshing, updating, transgressing, and etching new boundaries in cyberspace.

I might look back ten years from now and laugh at myself or cringe in embarrassment, but I might thank present-day Lena for caring enough to share, and for wanting to have discussions about things that matter – politics, art, film, and entertainment.

I recently watched Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore on Piers Morgan, where they stood up against the mind-blowing rate of human trafficking in the U.S., and demanded that law enforcement go after the vile men who buy and pay for sex with these poor trafficked women and men. These two voices will link to millions of others through social media, myself included, which may very likely improve the situation. Check out clips of Kutcher and Moore’s interview here.

I think Kutcher said it quite well when Piers asked him about his social networking presence.

And by the way, you know, it’s one of the reasons why I’m such a big advocate of social media, is because it allows us to participate in a very real way. You can move an issue with your own voice. And you don’t have to have millions of followers. You just have to rally support…For me, I think I’ve looked at this stuff, and I thought to myself, this could be the collective consciousness. Right? Like this platform in and of itself, a little shout here and shout here, but the key was being able to drive a link into deeper, richer content into a tweet and then have that tweet be syndicated.

Yes, it bothers me that genres such as “twitterature” are gaining momentum, for I am an avid supporter of literature and prose. I don’t claim that tweeting,  blogging, and updating should be placed on a bookshelf, per se. But for our world, one that is replete with soundbites and ADHD medication, perhaps social media has its place. Moreover, it is incredibly freeing (with proper accountability) to have the opportunity to say whatever we want, whenever we want it, and send it off into the world for praise, criticism, or both.

Once again, as Kutcher said it:

I mean in oppressive societies, this kind of — this kind of social media, this kind of democratization of media, is crumbling infrastructures that have existed for decades. And so to not — to say that it’s not democracy at its truest, I think it’s — I think it’s wrong. I think that’s absolutely wrong.

What are YOUR thoughts and comments about social networking/media?

Glee ‘Gets it Right’

Notice: there be spoilers down below.

I’ve finally caught up on the last ten episodes of Glee, and I’ve got to say, right on! The show continues to be quite stellar on all counts – acting, plot, characters, and of course, singing. Not only did they touch on some serious teen issues, but they did it with song and humor.

Here are some highlights for me:

  • Kurt dealing with an aggressive jock bully who secretly questions his own sexuality (a la Queer as Folk)
  • The Furt family wedding episode was an emotional TKO  – loved the vows, and the dance between Kurt and Finn
  • Newbie Sam’s adoration of Quinn
  • Puck wooing Lauren
  • Coach Beast’s first kiss
  • Mr. Shuester’s night out at a honky tonk with Coach Beast — hilarious!
  • Anything that comes out of Brittany’s mouth. (Santa Claus, The Stork? Good lord!)
  • The marriage of Sue Sylvester to Sue Sylvester. Such a touching episode, with a heartfelt portrayal of evil Sue (special props to Sue’s nazi-hunting mama, played by Ms. Carol Burnett)

  • Earlier in the year, I wrote about some of the possible guest-stars floating around in the rumor mill — didn’t know about Gwyneth Paltrow at the time, but boy does she nail her part!  And surprisingly, quite a good singer! Check out her singing in the rain performance here!
  • Kurt and Blaine’s kiss

    • So perfect, and such a great chemistry between the two.
    • Caused quite a stir by some has-been, born-again, former SNL-star who nobody’s ever heard of
    • Ironically, that episode features Kathy Griffin as an uptight tea-party politician who insists “I am not a witch” and then decries homosexuality as wrong…
  • Rachel Berry’s honest and continuing search for identity away from Finn
  • The regionals performances
    • Kurt and Blaine’s duet = adorable
    • Rachel’s original song, “Get it Right’ was amazing (see below)
    • “Loser Like Me” by the New Directions kicked some serious Warbler butt!
  • Generally, I continue to be very very impressed with Chris Colfer & Lea Michele

Can’t wait for the reason of the season, with “A Night of Neglect” airing on April 19th! In the meantime, check out Lea Michele’s performance of “Get it Right