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Glee Glitters with Stars

So I’ve been reading up on the Glee gossip, and it seems the show is really hoping to pack a punch with a slew of celebrity guest stars throughout season two. I’m on the fence about this – part of me thinks it’ll be too much of a good thing and they’ll overdo it, and part of me knows they’ll blend into the show quite nicely. I mean, Josh Groban, Kristen Chenoweth, Olivia Newton-John, Neil Patrick Harris, and Idina Menzel were all solid. So the tally so far for guest stars on season 2 is at around seven, and by the looks of it – that number’s bound to rise.

Click here for the list – but beware of mild spoilers!

Lena’s Top 10 Hollywood Men, 2.0


If you recall on an episode of Friends, everyone’s allowed a list of celebrities to adore from afar. Freebies, if you will. In fact, now that I look it up – they actually called it their “Freebies list!” Chandler chose Kim Basinger, Cindy Crawford, Halle Berry, Yasmine Bleeth, and Jessica Rabbit. Rachel’s were Chris O’Donnell, John F. Kennedy, Jr., Daniel Day Lewis, Sting, and Parker Stevenson (Ep 3.05).

When explaining the Freebie List, the conversation went like this:

Chandler: “Well, we have a deal where we each get to pick five different celebrities that we can sleep with, and the other one can’t get mad.”

Ross: “Ah, the heart of every healthy relationship: Honesty, respect, and sex with celebrities.”

So there you have it – the essence of the list. All of us have those special someones on the silver screen we fancy, and this is an ode to mine – except I expanded it to ten because I simply couldn’t choose just five! I’m sure if Dave had a blog, he’d be fast on my heels creating his own Freebies List 😉

These ten begin with my most dedicated loves – the ones I would tell you I love if I was awoken from a deep deep sleep, and work my way down.

1040907962_small 1. Luke Perry – In my dreams, I was the Brenda to his Dylan as he wooed me with his disarming smile and poufy James Dean hair. Luckily, his role as Dylan required many shirtless scenes on the beach, as he was quite the surfer. He was the one guy I watched it for most – not Brian Austin Green, Jason Priestley, or Ian Ziering. There aren’t many more words I can use to describe him – he’s a classic love in my life, and he’s definitely at the top of my list.

2. Lance Bass – He had at me at goodbye – Bye Bye Bye, that is. When all the girls were swooning for JT, I was stuck on this cutie with the sweet smile, gentle eyes, charisma, and deep voice. I had his posters plastered all over my walls, too! Over the past few years, he’s also bulked up deliciously. And I loved his dork/cutie character on On the Line. He’s so much more than a boybander to me, and I can proudly say that meeting him is one of the best moments of my life thus far!

click here for the rest of my list!