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In Full Bloom!

Yesterday I had a chance to procrastinate on my senioritis and take some photos of our container garden in full bloom, and now I’d like to procrastinate further by sharing some of them with you!

The Whole Gang: Say Cheese!

New Dalia flower, which we've dubbed Dalia Hassan 😉

From left to right: new Geranium flower, blooming tomatoes, & cucumber

Lovely petunias 🙂

An alum who never ceases to impress!

Garden Adventure ’10 – Week 1

Dave and I started a garden last year with tomatoes, cucumbers, and red peppers. The tomato was fairly successful – we got about 6-8 small tomatoes, but then the Arizona heat and unyielding sun set in, and everything died. 😦

SO, we’re starting anew this season – equipped with a mighty 7 foot umbrella that will hopefully shield the plants from the murderous sun. This time, we’ve got: one Salvia plant, some petunias, Roma tomatoes, a cucumber plant, and a “patio” tomato plant, as well as our returning favorite, the jade, and an unknown species of purple flower.

Here’s week 1, and here’s hoping that they’ll all survive!