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“Shielding” young children from…a happy family?

I saw this on Perez this morning, and I still haven’t been able to get it out of my mind! It was like a loud, blaring car horn early in the morning that startles you awake. Homophobia is alive and well, and it seems it’s getting more ridiculous every second!

Apparently, a grocery store chain in Arkansas saw it fit to unnecessarily censor the cover of this week’s Us Weekly, which features a rather loving snapshot of Sir Elton John, his partner of more than 15 years, and their newborn baby, Zachary. What a terrible, sick and horrifying thing to do to a loving family! And how truly absurd to use a “family shield” to cover up a FAMILY that is celebrating a newborn’s birth!

It leads me to wonder if the same store has “shielded” younger shoppers from other related Us Weekly covers…


Did they censor this one? It would seem more deserving of the act, considering McSteamy has a weird, erotic pose whilst holding his newborn...

Or this one, which uses the opportunity to sync SEX appeal with fatherhood?

Somehow I don’t think either of those were shielded – because heterosexual sex is money, and money is good; regardless of “young shoppers.”

So, heterosexual eroticism = perfectly commonplace, no cause for concern; innocent family portrait of gay parents with their newborn = offensive

I just read on ABCNews that the outrage was widespread, and that the CEO of the chain released an apology for this action. Still, she says that the “family shield” was placed over the magazine because of “complaints” from shoppers. What kind of pathetic individuals would complain about that? And what kind of people would oblige? I really don’t know. I hope everyone involved is ashamed of themselves!

Photo Scavenger Hunt #1!

A friend of mine has embarked on a photography project to take one photo a day – regardless of quality or content. I think that’s a fantastic idea to keep practicing and to improve, but as you can see with this blog – I’m not the most diligent. So, I’m going to try a similar challenge – a weekly photo scavenger hunt, courtesy of Ashley Sisk! Essentially, she posts a blog with five words as prompts at the beginning of the week, and you have that whole week to interpret each word in a photograph. Below are mine for this week! I hope this gets the ball rolling for me to update this site more often – stay tuned!

1. Family

My family and I toasting to a new year!

2.  Motion Blur


My boyfriend's mom's dog, Buddy, relaxing on Christmas.

3. Pretty Package

I love surprising my family with goodies in these personalized stockings 🙂

4. Glow



Love the orange glow of the moon rising! If only I had my tripod, and a closer zoom!

5. Sparkly

Sparkly holiday lights behind inviting, warm candlelight

Oh My Pomp and Circumstance!

It’s official! I’ve marked yet another milestone in my life, and I was extremely lucky to be able to do so in the presence of my loved ones! Of course, there were those who were notably absent due to distance, but they were in my heart.

The entire night was very surreal – first, I must thank the powers that be for providing GOOD weather!! Yesterday was blissfully in the high 80s and the sun was mostly inconspicuous. During the day, we all went to the Target Portrait Studio for some professional photos – they turned out great! Stay tuned for them in a couple of weeks. Then, we headed to campus, where I checked-in and then posed with my dearests. My wonderful boyfriend was our photographer, and the mementos came out beautifully!  At around seven, I joined a couple of my friends in the sea of maroon and gold, and we made our way through the campus and to our seats. About forty minutes later, I got on the stage to shake the dean’s hand and receive my the holder that will ultimately house my diploma ! Sadly, even though we each handed the announcer a name card with phonetic spelling of our names, the lady with the thick accent massacred my name. Nonetheless, I graduated!!

I don’t think it fully hit me what it meant until I took a look around and realized that the West campus wouldn’t be my home base anymore. No matter what, even though I plan to continue on with my education at the main campus, it’ll never be the same. It was bittersweet; these past four years have molded me in so many subtle ways. I met some great people, spent an amazing year at U of A, had a news story published on the front page of the East Valley Tribune, took a politics course that really awakened me, discovered a deep love for feminism and Women’s Studies, had some debates with people who were my polar opposites, found my strengths in psychology, kicked butt at Advanced Statistics, suffered painfully through chemistry and biology courses that swelled with over 200 people, dreaded each exam for my online geology course, and even managed to learned a little bit about world religions.

I am honored to graduate summa cum laude, and I’m even more honored at how proud my family is of me! I really couldn’t have done it without them. I couldn’t have done it without my parents. They really are extraordinary! They came to America to fulfill the embodiment of the American dream, and in some ways I’ve helped them do that with this milestone. When I’m surrounded by other college students with fascinating stories of how they ended up where they are despite seeing war and poverty, my own story seems very privileged. I owe it to my parents for making the impossible decisions that they did in order to get me where I am today! A college graduate…I say, I do like the ring of that. 🙂