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Glee ‘Gets it Right’

Notice: there be spoilers down below.

I’ve finally caught up on the last ten episodes of Glee, and I’ve got to say, right on! The show continues to be quite stellar on all counts – acting, plot, characters, and of course, singing. Not only did they touch on some serious teen issues, but they did it with song and humor.

Here are some highlights for me:

  • Kurt dealing with an aggressive jock bully who secretly questions his own sexuality (a la Queer as Folk)
  • The Furt family wedding episode was an emotional TKO  – loved the vows, and the dance between Kurt and Finn
  • Newbie Sam’s adoration of Quinn
  • Puck wooing Lauren
  • Coach Beast’s first kiss
  • Mr. Shuester’s night out at a honky tonk with Coach Beast — hilarious!
  • Anything that comes out of Brittany’s mouth. (Santa Claus, The Stork? Good lord!)
  • The marriage of Sue Sylvester to Sue Sylvester. Such a touching episode, with a heartfelt portrayal of evil Sue (special props to Sue’s nazi-hunting mama, played by Ms. Carol Burnett)

  • Earlier in the year, I wrote about some of the possible guest-stars floating around in the rumor mill — didn’t know about Gwyneth Paltrow at the time, but boy does she nail her part!  And surprisingly, quite a good singer! Check out her singing in the rain performance here!
  • Kurt and Blaine’s kiss

    • So perfect, and such a great chemistry between the two.
    • Caused quite a stir by some has-been, born-again, former SNL-star who nobody’s ever heard of
    • Ironically, that episode features Kathy Griffin as an uptight tea-party politician who insists “I am not a witch” and then decries homosexuality as wrong…
  • Rachel Berry’s honest and continuing search for identity away from Finn
  • The regionals performances
    • Kurt and Blaine’s duet = adorable
    • Rachel’s original song, “Get it Right’ was amazing (see below)
    • “Loser Like Me” by the New Directions kicked some serious Warbler butt!
  • Generally, I continue to be very very impressed with Chris Colfer & Lea Michele

Can’t wait for the reason of the season, with “A Night of Neglect” airing on April 19th! In the meantime, check out Lea Michele’s performance of “Get it Right

Glee Glitters with Stars

So I’ve been reading up on the Glee gossip, and it seems the show is really hoping to pack a punch with a slew of celebrity guest stars throughout season two. I’m on the fence about this – part of me thinks it’ll be too much of a good thing and they’ll overdo it, and part of me knows they’ll blend into the show quite nicely. I mean, Josh Groban, Kristen Chenoweth, Olivia Newton-John, Neil Patrick Harris, and Idina Menzel were all solid. So the tally so far for guest stars on season 2 is at around seven, and by the looks of it – that number’s bound to rise.

Click here for the list – but beware of mild spoilers!