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Snapshot of History in the Making: Bin Laden Captured & Killed

Tonight is going to be one of those “I remember exactly where I was” types of nights. My boyfriend and I went out for Mexican food after a long day of homeworking; we were eating some yummy burritos  when I got a voicemail from my dad. As soon as I called back, he asked if I was watching TV, that Bin Laden was captured! And killed! And in US’s custody! Needless to say, we rushed home and turned on the tube to share in the historical unfolding.

Remember cutting out the front page of newspapers when something big was going on? Well, in that spirit, I “cut” snippets of a whole host of websites’ front pages – check out the national shock & celebration of a long awaited justice.

(c) Huffington Post

(c) CNN

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I’ve watched President Obama’s statement twice now, and I’m glued to the screen watching celebrations outside of The White House and at Ground Zero. The feeling certainly harkens back to those months and months we spent watching news channels covering 9/11. It’s a closure, in a way, of a wound we’ve felt as a nation for almost a decade. The pain will always be there, and the scar burns as we remember the deaths of our people. But tonight, we celebrate their lives and that just has prevailed.

I’d like to extend my pride and sincere gratitude to our troops and special forces for bringing this to fruition, and to our President Obama for making Bin Laden’s capture one of his top priorities, and for delivering on that promise.

Where were you when you found out that justice had been served?

P.S. I made these screen grabs way before The Huffington Post – thieves! 😛


Eminem Supports Gay Marriage!

“I think if two people love each other, then what the hell?” he says. “I think that everyone should have the chance to be equally miserable, if they want.”

In his own colorful way, Eminem has voiced the simplicity of the argument for gay marriage rights, and I applaud him for doing so! In a way, I’m surprised – seeing as his previous records had their fair share of homophobic lyrics. But, as he says in his own words, he’s matured.

“Shady still exists,” he says. “But I don’t think the subjects on this record call for, you know, bring the chainsaws and axes out and murder everyone on this record. There was so much stuff like that off the last record that I felt like I was starting to run it into the ground. I think consciously I went in a different direction with this record.”

Moreover, I like that he’s not making apologies for his music – he claims that everything he’s said in the past was what he was genuinely feeling at the time, but that he’s calmed down a bit and can see things from a new vantage point. Check out his newest single, I’m not Afraid, which I think highlights his change in attitude very well.