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Alias 2.0 and the Reboot Mania

This is the first time in about 5 days that I’ve had a chance to log on to the net – it’s been an interesting detox. I’ve had access to “mobile” internet, but all it’s good for is Facebook. No, really. Anything more complex, and my phone cowers in cyberspace, whimpering “insufficient memory” and “request failure” like a mangy idiot.

Well anyways – my boyfriend and I have been in the NJ/NY area for the past week. It’s been an incredible trip, and one that I can’t wait to write about in detail. Just popping in to say ‘ello mate, and catch up on my web haunts.

Honestly, I didn’t really miss much online – except, for this little gem of speculation: a possible Alias reboot. Some ‘credible’ source in ABC claims there’s talk of a new series with ‘elements’ from the original. When I saw the title of the headline, my heart fluttered a bit. But then I realized, they’d be taking out the most important part: Jennifer Garner. She and Victor Garber (and for eye candy: Michael Vartan and Bradley Cooper) were the foundations of the show. Yes, it spiraled out of control around season 3 with JJ Abrams’ notoriously strange plotlines, but the show in general is one of my favorites, and I can’t in good conscience support a reboot without Jen that’s intended simply to soak up the disillusioned Lost fans.

While I’m on the subject, can I kvetch a bit about my disdain for reboots? They’re hardly ever necessary. I’ll go out on a limb for comic book characters…I can see the creative need for one, possibly. Still not necessary, but at least the directors really do revamp, not just regurgitate. But honestly, I don’t see the need for remakes of television shows (i.e. another one of my faves: the original BH 90210), especially when they’re iconic on their own, and ended only a decade ago. It shows a deep, deep lack of originality in our day. What will they ‘remake’ and destroy next, I Love Lucy? Three’s Company? Friends? Titanic? Forrest Gump? Mrs. Doubtfire??