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Photo Scavenger Hunt #2

Although the linky for this past week’s scavenger hunt is already closed, I still want to post my five photos for this past week’s Sunday Scavenger Hunt!

I’m preemptively freaking out about school and a new internship starting up next week, and thus I’m worried that my participation in these scavenger hunts will become much more sporadic, but I will do my very best – I know loads of the participants are busy multi-tasking moms and career women, and I’m hoping to keep up with the multi-tasking photo enthusiasts.

Without further ado, my five photos!

1.  This is Me

At first, I tried taking a self-portrait, but none came out too well for my tastes. Then I remember that I took a photo in November when I was visiting my family in New Jersey that I absolutely loved and thought it captured who I see myself as. This photo is a fairly candid one – we were on our way to the park, my grandparents and I, and I opened my visor’s mirror so I could see my grandma sitting behind me. This is what it looked like :). My grandma’s been one of the strongest women in my life; I grew up in her arms and she was more of a best friend than a grandma. Together we watched many Spanish soap operas (dubbed in Russian of course) and ate bowlfuls of sunflower seeds. She really is my second mom, and she’s with me always.  She is my number one fan! I wouldn’t be anyone or anywhere without her.

2.  Resolutions

Ah, those dreaded resolutions. This year I’m more bitter about that term than I think I ever have been. I see how consumerist it has become (diet pills, weight loss miracle cures, etc) and more than anything I want not to make any resolutions (although I do need to lose weight….). Well, upon thinking of what I could do to represent resolutions, I turned to look at the end of my desk, and noticed my resolution staring right at me. These photo albums are the last of a bigger stack of albums that I’ve been working on for more than a year. They’re photos that my mom has compiled of her youth, my childhood, my brother’s childhood, and of our family. They are precious to me, and I’ve had the determination to scan each one onto my computer and archive them. I’ve finished about 7 albums worth, and scanning these last albums will be my resolution for this year!

3. Treasured

Every person in my life is treasured; my parents, grandparents, brother, my boyfriend, my friends. I take photos of these people all the time, and I myself have carried on the photo album tradition – I’ve already amassed about 9 or 10 of my own since I’ve turned 18 (and I’m 22 now…). Well, today’s treasured photo is of my beautiful mom, who was waking up from a nap on New Years Eve, when my brother cuddled up next to her. Loved it!

4. Innocence

Once again, this is from New Years Eve, when my mom was waking up from a nap. She’s so beautiful, and in her sleep she’s nothing if not innocent (as she is in life, too!). No matter what life brings my mom, she’s always the sweetest person; I take lessons from her, and I love her so very much!

5.  Primitive

You’re probably thinking that I chose this photo because of the so-called primitive subject. This is not the case — I chose it because of the “primitive” camera that I was using – if you can call it that. My brother got the iPod touch for Christmas/New Year, and I was playing around with an app that has cool vintage filters on it, and I took this photo of one of our lovely cats, Albino. He’s always been my favorite, since his very birth, and although he’s quite enormous now (doesn’t he look like a sheep?) and sleeps 20 or more hours of the day, I still love him!


Photo Scavenger Hunt #1!

A friend of mine has embarked on a photography project to take one photo a day – regardless of quality or content. I think that’s a fantastic idea to keep practicing and to improve, but as you can see with this blog – I’m not the most diligent. So, I’m going to try a similar challenge – a weekly photo scavenger hunt, courtesy of Ashley Sisk! Essentially, she posts a blog with five words as prompts at the beginning of the week, and you have that whole week to interpret each word in a photograph. Below are mine for this week! I hope this gets the ball rolling for me to update this site more often – stay tuned!

1. Family

My family and I toasting to a new year!

2.  Motion Blur


My boyfriend's mom's dog, Buddy, relaxing on Christmas.

3. Pretty Package

I love surprising my family with goodies in these personalized stockings 🙂

4. Glow



Love the orange glow of the moon rising! If only I had my tripod, and a closer zoom!

5. Sparkly

Sparkly holiday lights behind inviting, warm candlelight