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Jack Attack-ack-ack-ack

Jack is back, in all of his glory!! Praised be the real-time gods of 24.

The 2-hour season premiere laid some intense groundwork. Scene: Jack is reminding his granddaughter Teri to call him grandpa. Grandpa – that word evokes canes, Geritol and gray hair, none of which I would ascribe to the most kickass guy in the country. The assassination plot of an Islamic president (Anil Kapoor, Slumdog Millionaire) who plans to sign a peace treaty with the US becomes public, and Jack, well, Jack fights real hard to stay out of it. He even pushes Chloe aside and rejects har tearful plea for help. I think it’s the first time that he shows THAT much resolve and bitterness. But, of course, he returns, and his quick wit and ability to swiftly take charge of everything and everyone (in a good way) is enthralling. He’s got the strut of a diva, and he’s here to stay! So excited for tomorrow night’s continued premiere. Hope you’re tuning in – we need to keep Jack on the air for seasons to come.

Oh, and here’s Jack’s famous satchel that I’ve discovered is endearingly referred to as “The Jack Sack” by other loyal fans.

If Jack Bauer is chasing you, you can run…but you’ll only die tired.