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The Cherry on the Top of my Day

If I were to go so far as to say that my day was a sundae (I’m taking the glass-half-full perspective for a moment), then I must say that the cherry on the top of my sundae has to be Mr. Craig Ferguson, late-night comedian extraordinaire. Even as I type this now, I am excited for the clock to strike 12:15am and for the joys and stresses of my day to melt away and for a sexy Scottish accent to greet me with snake-cup, emails, and cue-card confetti in tow.

Craig makes me happy. He’s funny, he’s self-deprecating, but most of all, he’s real.

I think NBC needs to catch up and get him on their lineup! Enough with the CoCo and Leno debacle! Let’s see a fresh face! Although, I wouldn’t want the NBC honchos to screw Craig over as they did Conan, so perhaps he should remain on CBS…